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Fanfiction Theater #9: Master Chief in “Halo: Time Paradox”, Part 5

August 17, 2011

The gripping saga of Master Chief and Robin Hood versus the corrupt British Monarchy continues!


Part 5: The Invasion

The rebels, leaded by Robin Hoods went in stealtly in side the town. They aproaxed the enemy gates. Master and daughter were with them.

Talking very silently, Robin said to his fellow soldiers:

“Okay, now we storm the castle and kill the KING!” cried Robin as he kicked the front door. All rebels enterd the castle and started to eviscerate the guards inside. Bowels and stochs flung away at the castle walll, painting the wall and the ground red with the blood of fallen heroes.

Blood of fallen heroes implies that it’s Robin Hood’s men who are dying. So far this invasion isn’t going very well.

Master was cutting soldiers and daughter drilling them in the eyes with her bow.

Daughter, you shoot people with a bow, you don’t use it to drill their eyes out!

Carnage and sweating contaminated the air, the war has begun!

“Master and daughter, acompain me in this stairs, we must kill the Nottingham Sheriff.

The went up the staris. The Sheriff was witing with a big blaster gun, of a kind that shots lasers. It had three cannons of repeated fire mode.

“AHHH, Ronib Hoodm I was expecting you!” said the Sheriff as he shoot the lasers to Robin. In a nanosecind, Ronib deflected the laser with his magic sword, destroyng the roof.

I don’t remember any of the Robin Hood stories containing laser cannons or Robin having a magic sword.

“How can he have a laser gun?” asked Master to Robin.

“It’s the Magic of Merlin! He makes these wepons to the high officers.”

Oh great, now he’s got King Arthur involved in all this?

Sheriff shoot another ball of energy, and this time it picked the daughter shoulder arm.

“NOOOOO” cried a unhappy Master with what has happened. He Went to daughter and huged her:

“Don’t ide!” said Master.

“I will not, it’s a mild hurt…” said daughter.

Them, they looke in the eyes of one another and knew. Butt Shriff was very angry and don’t let that continue.

Butt Shriff

“Now you will die!”

Ronin, with his fast legs when to Sherriff and Jumped ten feet in the air, and landed on Sherif’s head with his boot, shifiting his neck and exploding his brains with suck a strong blow from his feet.

“AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHH!” cried Sheriff of Nothingham, as he felt to his down from the widow behind him.

He killed a widow too? Overkill, Robin, waaaaaay too much overkill.

Master and daughter got up and went with Robin to the king chamber, to the final confrontation.

Dun dun DUUUUN!
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