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Fanfiction Theater #8: Master Chief in “Halo: Time Paradox”, Part 4

August 17, 2011
Last time, The Covenant found a machine that was “big and looked dangerous” and defying all logic decided to use it on Master Chief. However instead of killing him it sent Chief and the Covenant Leader’s daughter to the Middle Ages where they have now teamed up with… Robin Hood.
Part 4: The Plan

Robin Hood was lecturing Master and daughter on the problem:

“This is why we need you’re power to overcome the evil ruler.”

The daughter was not liking. She wanted revenge, not help dung covered townspeople.

Daughter wanted revenge, and yet she does not want to take revenge on the guards who tried to kill her?

Master them said:

“Well, we don’t know how to go away, it’s not a big deall if we help these people…”

“Well, actually, I think we can send yuou back in your time friends!” said Roin.

Who’s Roin? Don’t randomly add characters without a proper introduction!

“Oh yes?” said master.

“Yes, the castle have a powerful magician that serves the king. We never saw him, it sems h e makes powerful speells to his king. We can kdinap him we we finish the king and you go back to your land!” said a faithfl Robin.

“So be it!” said daughter.

Unhappily, master and daughter weapons got discharge when they soot so many soldiers back in the city.

But ComicsNix, you said that daughter didn’t have a weapon and used her fists before? Her fists have “got discharge”?! That sounds serious.

 But Robin got a present:

“To yes Master Chief, a big Claymor!” and he lend the big sword to Master.

“And you Master’s girlfrined, a big bow and archer, to shoot people in the eyes, like me!” and Robin lend the bow and archer to the daughter.

Robin Hood gave Master Chief a sword, and he gave daughter a big bow AND someone who can shoot it for her? I think Chief got the bad end of that deal.

“Why I keep the crap weapon?” asked her.

“You have the finese of a lady of war, a lady of very distant lands, clamoring the kindom of your people…” and them Robin picked her hand and kissed. She blushed, turning violent color.

“turning violent color.” Master of Expositions, people! Master of Expositions.

 But master have’nt liked it. He was sarting to cultivate eeling for daughter. She was beatiful and strong, thge perfect woman to him he thought.

“So, let’s move and destroy the king!” cried Master Chief as he put his helmet on.

Everyone of the rebels ocompanied and were happy. They will get black the land of themselves.

The Land of Themselves? That’s almost as bad as Newfoundland.
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