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Fanfiction Theater #7: Master Chief in “Halo: Time Paradox”, Part 3

August 17, 2011
Part 3: The Mystery Man

In the shadown, a dark figure was looknig the action on the street. He was on tthe rooftop, only looking, analizing the two warriors. He them went to the nerby forest, where his group of rebels were hiding.

There was a clegy men between them, who the hhooded man talked to:

“You know, I saw something that can help us…”

“Yes? What it was my dear friend?”

“Two waarior, being attacked by the soldier’s king, they were very able in a fight, mangling the guards with their bare hands…”

If I remember correctly only daughter killed guards with her bare hands, Master Chief shot them with his rifle’s “lightingi fury”.

“You know i don’t like violence”

“Yes, and I know you have to say that…but you know what I must be done”

“If it is in yoyr heart my lord, so shal be”

The hooded man them went out and went searching for the two. It was not hard, because confusion was at ease.

Confusion… makes it easy to find them? I don’t think ComicsNix understands what confusion means.

“Burn the witches!”

“Burn the till them die in the hell’s flesh!”

“AHHH, my back, the witches enchanted mine!”

The crownd was angry, and a mob formed to linch tMaster and daughter. The hooded looked.

“Mster, I’m weak againsyt fire, I will die!” said the daughter. But Master was protection her. The mob advanced and enircled the two, and started to throw rock. But, in a microsecond, the hooded man jumped in throwing lot of gold coins in thew air!

“Money! It’s a miracle!” shouted a crowdman.

What happened to, oh I don’t know, KILLING THE SO-CALLED-DEMONS? Stupid peasants.

 Th mob forgot Master and daughter and went ti the moneys, and the hooded man grabed the two, getting the in the shadow.

“You were very uncautious for so strong fighters…” said the hooded.

“Look at this brute! Wikth his size and it’s umpossibl e not to call atention!” sad daughter.

“You re blue!” said Maste.

“Calm down you two…”

“Hey, ho are you afeter all?” asked Chief.

No time to talked, let’s head back to my headquartes.”

They runned very fast between the shadoows and the rooftop, pasting every soldiers they could find. The hoodamn was verry knowleageable of the city inner meannings, knowing every feting hole inside it out. But them, big grunts with longswords. Master them picked his rifle and shoot their heads, terminating thei pitfull lives.

I thought Master Chief only fought bad guys when he was ordered to?

They them reached the forest headqurtes, a a lot of people were waiting…, even a big guy

“even a big guy”, ComicsNix: Master of Exposition.

, who opened his arms and hailed when the hooded man and Master and daughter arrived:

“Robin Hod, you’re back! And with friends!”

“Little John., my dear feloow friend, I’m here!”

And that’s why the story is under inexplicable crossovers!
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