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Fanfiction Theater #6: Master Chief in “Halo: Time Paradox”, Part 2

August 17, 2011

I’ve just found a new fanfiction that MUST be MST’ed, so I’ll try and put up all the backlogged chapters of Halo: Time Paradox now.


Part 2: The Problem

Master and daughter were swirling inside the strange thing and them, after of what looked many hours, the got erected from it.

“The got erected from it.” Must. Not. Laugh.

“SPLORSHHHS!” and the two fell down on the ground.

SPLORSHHHS? What kind of sound was that? Did Master Chief and the daughter yell it when the landed?

Faster than lightinng, the daughter picked her rifel and point master head:

“Dont move!” she cried.

Master got immovable. He was half-cocked, because she was faster than him. But nonetheles, mater staied cal.

“Calm downs, I will not hurt!” said masterChief. He was clever. He heard the father cheating his daughter.

“I will kil you Master! You decimated my people!”

Master need to be clever, because she almost shoots him.

“Actually, it’s not my falt”

She shoot the ground with great rage.

“Shutup! I swa you killing everyone!”

“NO, I only got orders, and the war stated because of you father!”

So Master Chief wouldn’t kill any covenant aliens if he wasn’t ordered to. That has some unfortunate implications.

See shot the heavens and got much angrier tha brefore.

“SHUT UPS!”! she was very nervous, and this was the change of Maser Chief. He jumped at her, grabed her gun with big dexterity and fell obove her on the ground.

“AH, ket me go!”

“No, you was’nt listening you fathersaiyng he wanted to kill you?”

“No, he was nervos!”

Daughter is either delusional or I never want to see what a covenant can do when it’s “nervos”.

“No, he wanted to kil you!”

He was grabing her shuoldr very hard, to no t let her go. But she was calmming.

“Ahhhh, this can’t be!”

“Will you try to shot mw?”



She got up and was confused. Waht do now?

Master them said:

“Let us find away outahere!”

They started ro move toghter and watched the landscape. It was beatiful, had wolves, nd plants and scrubs and mires. The haven’t see this much grass in too much time, because they were fighting for so long.

Them, they saw something strange. It was a castle. A very big castle, full of flags, red roofs and a pit bull of water and alligators. What place is?

Master them put hius helmet off, because it wa hot. Te covenant girl looked, and liked. She thought “Oh, he is beatifl!” but Master couldn’t listen.

Don’t worry Master Chief, I can’t listen to thoughts either.

They moved to a town searching fro clues. The people was scared and startd to go way. Yhem strange soldier with swords went to them:

“Behold you witched! Ye are not accepted in this lnd of ye!”

Their language was strange, very old. Master spook:

“Don’t panic boy, were searching a way to home.!”

The soldiers them saw the daughter besides MasterChief


She wa blue, so the five soldiers unsheated their swords and attacked the daughter.

If covenant females look anything like the males I doubt her being blue would be the first thing the soldiers notice.

 She jumped ten feet in th air and and punched two of them into thier spinal chords, exploding their internal heart and making them cramped.

“AHHHHHHHH, I paraplegic!” cried the soldier.

The other two soldiers charged to master chief, but Master was faster and picked his big rifle and pointed to their head. Whe he shoot, big balls of lightingi fury got out of the barrel gun and went to soldiersa head, exploding them in a thousand pieces across the air, leading to a rain of blood and ribs falling on the ground.

The last soldier scared and run.

“Now they will bring reinforcers!” said master.

“They are puny, don’t know to fight and are weak. Even a thousand of them can’t destroy us” said aughter.

What strange land are Master Chief and “aughter” in? Will they be able to escape from the puny soldiers who don’t know how to fight and are weak? And how can ComicsNix spell paraplegic correctly and not “soldier”?

Find out in part three!

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