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Fanfiction Theater #19: Liu Kang in “Mortal Kombat: Combat of the Shrines”

August 17, 2011

This is the last of the backlogged MSTs I’ve done, from now on it shall be new material.

This story comes from one “RogerRovensfeld” and is a gripping tale of a man trying to avenge the death of his brother. I think.

it was dark dreary day as lue kang practiced in his island temple with his kung fu action. “i must get revenge for assassin brother killers!”

Wait wait wait… wait. He wants revenge for the assassins who killed his brother? Liu’s brother must have been a jerk.

so he began to practice much more in a good way because there was evil warrior called shang sung who wanted death of lue kang klan with ways of evil! lue kang began to practice more and more as he hit the walls and hit the trees and shook them all the way down
but lue kang awoke from his dream… OR WAS IT A NIGHTMARE about the deth of his borthers. he began to cry and cry and then wept away the tears “no a kung fu man does not ever cry!”

Well put “Lue”, well put.

meenwhile jonny cage was filming the new movie cobra cages and he was beaters up the bad people. “i will became suesccesfool moving stars” and took care of evil fbi villians “well done” mystery man said behind jonny “you are a good movers tar i would like u to take part in compotishun”
“i will take part with utmost excellent!” said jonny happily with rage

Poor Jonny, it seems being a “moving stars” has caused him to go off the deep end. Being happy with rage is one thing, but next he’ll be shaving his head and talking in a British accent.

sonya blayd was playing DEATH and SEEK with kano with guns and was trying to find him and kill him

That sounds like a rather… intense game…

because he is bad guy with eye plate monocles but suddenlly kyno discovered sekrit portal and ujmpd thru! sonya was “OMIGDUD!” and jumped rite in THIS IS WHERE MORTAL KOMBAT BEGINS RAYDEN HAS THE POWER

If Mortal Kombat begins now, what was all that other stuff?

lue jonny and sonya met up together and proclaimed that they muts fight SCORPION SUB-ZERO AND KANO but the thunder rays attacked and raiyden was appeared “you r now the chosen warriors of heartfelled density! defeat these three villains and u save day!”
“ok i will go after scorpion” and jonny transported to the forest stage “ha ha ha i am scorpion you must be defeated with my spearsnakes” and the spearsnakes were shot at jonny “NO” said jonny “NO” and he dodged spearsnakes by ducking (like in matricks)

take this” said jonny cages and he threw flamers at scorpion and they hit him and he was hurt BUT!
BUt scorpion took his mask off “i am no longer ninja of humanity i am THE HELL GOATS”

…. What?

and he was inivsable but jonny took him down with crotch punch!

“OWCH””””” said scorpion and he died FATALITY!

Now that’s how you take someone down!

meenwhile loo kang was taking care of sub-zero who froze him “ha ha you cannot escape”
“YES but with kung fu power i use might of fright to crush ice blocks” and he smashed ice blocks in front of him “NO”
“eat this” said lue kang” and the through water at him and sub-zero exploded “NOOOOOOOO” said sub-zero and he admitted defeated FATAITY!

Lue Kang not only killed Sub-Zero with water but he also managed to talk and admit defeat after exploding! What a guy.

meanwhile sonya blayd was smackin down kane-os for breakfast by punching him in the face and he was hurt “oh no i am sorry sonya”
“YOU WONT B SORRY NOW!” and she punched him into spikes and he died oh no now mortla kombat ivictoyr is won[

Congratulations, your prize is a box of kane-os, part of a balanced breakfast!

WELL DONE said mystery man “BUT THE FIGHT IS NOT OVER YTET” said shang sung “who is this guy” said lue “HA HA HA” said shang and he transformed into forearms man!
“NO!” said the hero! and they all defeated goro by pushing him over the cliffs OH GOD NO””””” said goro!
congratulations good sir “said mystery boy” but you cannot defeat me I TURN INTO YOUR FOES and he transformed into lue’s brother “NO IT IS MY BROTHER”

So it WAS a nightmare!

“dont attack me i am your bro”
“weait a minute you lies!” and lues put on his headbang and did ART OF 5-STAR THROEINWG on his brother
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” and he fell into the spiekpits!
“yes you did it lue kang!” WELL DONE “said raiden”
“well done!” said everyone!
liu kang received fone call from his wife “lue kang this is wife”
“how are sons”
to be conitued?

Only part of the bad news? What horrors await Lue Kang on the fone call from his wife? Unfortunately we’ll never know as RogerRovensfeld never “conitued” it.


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