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Fanfiction Theater #16: SpongeBob SquarePants in “Valentines Day: Unraqeted Love”

August 17, 2011

We interrupt your normally (un)scheduled fanfiction theater to bring you a special Valentine’s Day story from our old friend Sue Mary. It is a tale about how no matter who or what you are, love can still be found.

Unraqated Loove

Squarebob was do the Valemtines happy bu wass ad at no much levo on da speshul day. “If ony I culd have a good Valebtin!” Partick was not enuff an Sandy’s cheeks where too much full of sand an poo.

Wait, wait, wait WHAT?

SpringBub did a cry walked into dark alley streets. “Why am’t love so hard for locashun?” Mr. Karb disdent care an only made da monies of labor an meatstuff. De repente, a plain was got crash into da buildnig an it felled overed an killed some guys an blow up a car an mad a kid drop hism ice creem.

Spengbab did’t notice the crush as eh was loning in a sadsack advent. A car drivled past an hit Spone to so much hard it went up to a far way place. “OMG Im soooo sorry!” The car said an it wud a turk.

Just when I think I’ve seen all horrible fanfiction has to offer, in comes a talking Turkish car. He must be from the new Cars movie!

“OGM Al talkin turk!” Da turk was transfarm an Spongebub see da shock of it. “Im not a turk. My nam is Optimus Prime!”

I don’t think any could have ever seen this coming. Goku and Anne Frank was bad enough, but SpongeBob and Optimus Prime?!

Potimus naver before had seed a creature liek Bobsponge bu think it wad kina cute. “No, tarniformers are forbiden from have such relationships.” Potimus thinked in head muscles. Meenwhile Spangbob is feeling a strange of queston. Eh never telled no 1, but he is seekritly a gilrboy which meens he can be whichever he wants. 

So SpongeBob is a transsexual now?

The too here-Os stared at eechmodder until a bom was happed. It was…..MEGATON. “Orpimus u will now tast the power of my revnage!” Megatan had a gun dat fired bolts of hart that cud kill in 1 shoot! “Opium!”

Opium Prime: he can fly and get you high!

Scremed Spange, an he reveeled da sekund seekrit. “He was a tarnfarmer 2!” A trasnormer for Spone is a fiter type wif rockts an a hed soot for make space breathe an he was now a GRILL! Opitum is cared but happy of the strang spone being a tarnfermer an girl!

I don’t really feel like making an image of SpongeBob as a girl transformer tonight, since it’s late and all, so I’ll just put the first pictures that shows up for a google image search of “SpongeBob as a girl transformer”.

Its crabs…

“WAT IS THIS BALSMEFPY?” Eegatron desmanded. “Feel da powor of my troo love!” Spojebob had side cannons an basters an shot Megotorn up reel good. Politums Prima thot of all he done and reelize “I dun car what da rools say! Spangleb, I love u!” Sponge, now a girlcar is smacked wif smitten. “I loved 2 u 2, Potums.” They held da hands an drived off for mirage in Lots Vega. It was da best Velentins Evar!

Romantac End

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