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Fanfiction Theater #12: Some Girl Named Lura in “Titanic: The Wedding”

August 17, 2011

In this edition we will be reading one of the works of an author by the name of Jack Russel. Jack specifically calls this his “valentines special” and you will soon see why. I give you a tale love, time travel, and robot android machines. I give you:

Titanic: The Wedding
Lura was a on the Titanic and drink wine. She was going to get marryied to Mike Tomson and she was realy exited as she liked ships.

And not because she’s getting married? This relationship won’t last long.

 “This is a great ship she” siad to self.

Lhura talked to her brother billy who was also exited about teh wedding, “It makes me whish i had’t split up with my second wife he” sayed. Lura had met Mike at a shop were they fell in lvoe with each other.

More proof that they’re not meant to be. They were never in love, just in “lvoe”.

Lura got on weding dess and head to the alter.


Tina knew that she had to stop the wedding as she was a detative from the future and knew that Lura and Mike’s dauter would grow up to become an evil dictator and start a nucler war with France, Amrica, Korea, Belgium and the rest of the world.

I’ve spent weeks studying maps of the world and I still cannot find “Amrica”.

“I have to stop the wedding” she sayed, She ran into the alter room and shouted “STOP THE WEDDING, THIS WEDDING MUST BE STOPPED!111”. But she was stopped and trown back to the future.

Wait, if they knew she was from the future, and thus knew that it was a wasteland and she was stopping it, why did they “trow” her back?

Tina looked around teh westland that had been made by the nuclear war destroied buidings were everywere and nuclear winter was going on, “I must stop this future” She saided. Tina then stated to look for componats for her time machine.

Just then she was attacked by a space mutant which was made from nucler radiaon and nucler snow. She got out her gut and shot at it but it didn’t work

“She got out her gut”, artist’s depiction:

, so she tried a moar powerfull weepon and injured the mutant.

Tina then foud the last part of her time machine and whent back to the past. “If there’s ny resean why they should not marry say NOW!11” Said the priest, Tina new that she had do somthing fast but what. Then she had an idea.

“I know” she said. “Lura I what to marry” Tina sid. “Whell you are kina cute” Lura said “I will marry Tina”.


“I will knot let my duagter marry another women” sayed Lura’s father with rage. “But yoy have to” said Tina, “Your rite” he said as knew the Tina was right.

Tina and Lura were just about to get marryed when an Evil Android Machine Robart came from the futuer to stop the wedding. “YO WILL ALL DIE!1111” The Evil Android Machine Robot shouted.

So it’s a gangster on top of being an Evil Android Machine “Robart” too?

Tina and Lura started to attack the Evil Android Machine Robot and it fort them back. They fighting an epic battle when Tina and Lura started to losed the fight. Then the Evil Android Machine Robot satred to charged its lazor cannons to kill Tina and Lura.

When the Titanic started sinkg.

Oh yeah, this is a Titanic fanfiction. I had completely forgotten.

 “Quick get to teh time macine” sayed Tina. So Tina and Lura whent into Time Macine just as the Titanic sank and took the Evil Android Machine Robot with it.

Tina and Lura escaped back to futuer which was now happy place instead of dead and nuclear wared like it was. “We did” Lura sayed with joy and they kissed.

A year later Tina and Lura were married and Lura was pregnant with Tina’s Lezbain child.


They had a “Lezbain” child. Somehow that not as bad but close to as bad as Master Chief ordering his soldiers to do unspeakable things to the covenant troops in terms of insanity.


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