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Fanfiction Theater #11: Master Chief in “Halo: Time Paradox”, Part 7

August 17, 2011

Now the epic conclusion of “Halo: Time Paradox” will covenant leader be defeated? Will Master Chief and daughter get together? Read on to find out!

Part 7: The Final Battle

Them, the vortex opened inside covenant ship, sucking out Master and aughter. Daughter’s father them said:

“Yuo ALIVE? This cannoit be!”

“You can count on this pal!” said Master.

“Time to die my father!” cried daughter, with her bow in hands, and she lauched thousand arrows on his father’s body, eviscerating his internal organs and filling the air with blood from his corpse. He was finished, and only could say:

“Sorry…my daughter…I…” and he’s dead.

But you tried to KILL HER a few hours ago!

The battle is over, Master Chief ordered his soldiers to anally rape all the Covenant lefty alive, so they be human’s slaves. The soldiers like, because were very much longer from their homes and their wifes. Now they can satisfy their sexual appetites.

That line. That’s just. I don’t have anything I could possibly say in response to that.

“So now, what will be daughter?” asked Master.

“SHUTUP!” cried out lout daughter as she picked Master Chief checks and started toi kiss him passionately. He retributed, with a lot bigger kiss, and they were happy.

Aww, he managed to make a romance between Master Chief and the daughter of the alien overlord he’s spent three games trying to kill work. ComicsNix, you are a pure genius.


Now, after three years, Master Chief and daughter are a happy couple, married, with two children and with a small house near england, were rests the corpse of his friends Robin. They build a big memorial to him, so no one would forget the great king he was.

And so ends the saga of Halo: Time Paradox by ComicsNix. Though I do wonder what daughter and Master Chief’s kids look like. They can’t be a pretty sight…


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